John Haskins began operations under the name John Haskins Graphic Design on January 1, 1986. This full-time, free-lance design studio was formed to provide high end graphic design, production art, and illustration services to advertising agencies and direct clients. Over the years the client mix has included everything from Fortune 500 companies and Big 8 accounting firms to school boards, public entities and small businesses.

Mr. Haskins attended The University of Toledo, The Toledo Museum of Art School of Design and Ohio University School of Art. He graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cum Laude in Graphic Design in 1978.

Mr. Haskins worked in a major newspaper editorial art department, corporate design studio and advertising agency before opening his own studio in 1986.

JHGD has developed long-term relationships with outstanding creative service providers to provide clients with the very best value in design and advertising services.

Graphic Design and Creative Services