Smith’s Westgate

in 1958, another Smith’s Cafeteria opened in Westgate Shopping Center in West Toledo. Besides a popular cafeteria, the location featured a cocktail lounge, Smith’s Beef Eater’s Inn, and a pastry shop. This area is currently occupied by the Costco store. The captions below the photos were hand written on the back of the prints. Back of photos marked “Toledo Blade Photos by Clarence Bailey”.


SW21KThis room opened Sept 11, 1960.

SW31KOpened Sept 11, 1960.

SW41KThe Mt. Vernon Room. This room originally opened Sept. 11, 1958. Was closed Jan. 1st 1959, then was remodeled to add cocktail lounge 9/60.

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  1. Does anyone have pictures of the actual cafeteria? I worked there in 1966 -1967 as a co-op job through Whitney H. S. The food was excellent!

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