Old Catawba Photos

Here is a selection of historical family photos from Catawba Island. (Please let me know if I have any of the dates wrong!)


Dr. Reams and kids at the lake, 1937.


Canoe ride near Rock Ledge, 1945.


Ted Reams on seawall, 1941.


Hugh finished with Cottage bathroom addition, 1941



Cottage, Sand Road about 1942.


Caroline and Ted at Sand Road Cottage, about 1942.


Kids at Catawba 1942.


Caroline on Seawall at Cottage, 1942.


Reams family get-together at Sand Road cottage, 1945.


Reams family at cottage.


Cut ups at the dinner table.


Mary Glenn and Peggy, 1950.


Bill Haskins and Mary Glenn Reams at Sand Road, 1952.

Bill and John at the Cottage, 1958


Bill, Mary Glenn, John and Ben Haskins in the lake, 1959.


John on dock at Sand Road, 1959.


Donny Klotz and John Haskins at Sand Road, 1959.


“New Room” under construction, 1965.


“New Room” at cottage completed, 1965.


Haskins and Miller kids in the lake, 1965.

…and coming back to shore, 1965.

Jacque, Marcia, Ginny and Dave at the beach, 1971.


San and Ginny at cottage June 1972.


Stone seawall at cottage destroyed in storm, November 1972.


New steel seawall at cottage, September 1973


Snow storm at Cottage, 1985.


Annette, Catherine, John and Winston at Cottage, 1991.


Catherine and friends at Cottage, 2009.


Cottage Bell 2011


Dr. and Mrs. Reams at Mon Ami (I think).


Here is a gallery of pages from the Cottage Ledger from the ’40s detailing the Cottage purchase and subsequent improvements.




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