How not to keep a Millionaire on house arrest

Carlos Ghosn. Photo from BBC News.

Bullet Train to Osaka, Piano case by private jet to Istanbul, New Year’s Eve in Lebanon? Doesn’t get much better than this!

After a year in jail and house arrest awaiting charges for financial misconduct, 65 year-old Carlos Ghosn, former “Mr. Fixit”, Renault/Nissan boss, 2002 Asia Businessman of the Year and former CEO of Michelin, Renault, Nissan and chairman of Mitsubishi Motors apparently took a powder and skipped his 1B Yen bail after finding out that his second trial in Tokyo had been delayed until April, 2021.

He says that he can now speak to the media which he will start doing this week.

Mr. Ghosn is of Lebanese descent and appears on a Lebanese postage stamp. Lebanon has no extradition treaties with Japan.

Link to BBC News story:

Link to CNBC story:–kyodo.html

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