You know those little blinking white lights in the night sky? Look Closer.

Caldwell 4, The Cat’s Eye Nebula
Caldwell 34, the Veil Nebula
Caldwell 77, Centaurus A
Caldwell 15, the “Blinking Planetary”

These images are Hubble Telescope photos from the Nasa Caldwell Catalog. The catalog was composed by Sir Patrick Moore as additional cosmic wonders for amateur astronomers to explore. From the text on “Moore’s Caldwell catalog includes celestial bodies that are found in both the northern and southern skies. The catalog consists of 46 star clusters, 35 galaxies and 28 nebulas, adding up to 109 objects.” and, “From nearby clouds of gas and dust that are left over from dying stars to remote galaxies that formed billions of years ago, the Caldwell catalog is brimming with surprising celestial treats.”

Link to the Caldwell Catalog page:

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